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  1. I read that as the minimum of their ambition was to be consistently in the top 4 of the championship. Its not like they'll get there and then think "job done". I'd be curious to understand what you expected the goal for a 3 year plan would be.
  2. Did the commentator just call the guy "jonners"? That can get in the bin next to Butland and that Rangers shite.
  3. Lawless being incapable of doing anything but knock the ball into Edwards instead of past him isn't helping.
  4. Thats good for him. Some game time at a club that clearly does well with young players.
  5. The Blair Hopcroft ventriloquism episode on Youtube. Must be a 10-15 second delay between his video and audio. Good episode though.
  6. I remember Dunfermline being on top for long periods of that without doing much aside from shooting straight at Thomson when it was much easier to score. Though looking at that line up of Higgenbotham, Hypolyte and El Bakhtaui, its fairly understandable why it finished with no goals.
  7. McGill and Corr are casualties of the position we find ourselves in the league. I think had we been 3rd or 4th, we'd be seeing a lot more of them in games, mostly off the bench. But as we're fighting for 1st, not so much rotation going on.
  8. Also, being a chief scout, i'd imagine that means less going to other grounds yourself and more organising those who do go to grounds to get reports back to you on players you request or next opponents. Scouting is very much different to what it was 10 years ago thanks to things like Wyscout.
  9. If it doesn't directly affect the Old Firm, its an 8-4 vote basically.
  10. I'd agree with whats been said. I thought Fotheringham was quite good for United on Friday, without much end product, thankfully.
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