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  1. Don't want supporters of provincial teams to follow the ugly sisters but large Falkirk crowds are hyperbole...very strange
  2. Quite like the yellow tbh...sleeve detail changes it from a QOTS away top any given year
  3. We will still play our best 11 while we keep our unbeaten run... for the sake of the greaves sports marketing team & our mahoosif support you boys will be fine...not that you deserve it you've been terrible..but we can't have you sliding down another division... Scottish football needs a strong queens
  4. He's been a totally different player this season...he always had talent but regularly disappeared from games...this season no doubt due to our general dominance he never falls out a game & his work rate has been phenomenal...his shooting has definitely been worked on as well as he's far more of a threat
  5. Erm...basic lesson that you seem to be purposely whooshing is there is a reason why the premier league title goes between the arse cheeks... they are Scotland's two biggest clubs in terms of fanbase so rightly expect to be winning it every season...ergo accies & there 600 fans should have expectations that align with such... somewhere around east Fife if that helps
  6. Which brings it back to why he's still there...board pigheadedness... dereliction of duty. Surely they don't want to go down in history for all the wrong reasons
  7. I think I agree with how mcglynn sees it... Morrison & miller...then Ross with Alfie a distant 4th
  8. Nope...we can never forget the damage he done to our club by bringing jokers in from non league down sarf..I'll remain convinced there was an incentive outwith team building for him to do so
  9. Which is utterly ridiculous at this level & accies have done the same...as a bairn I knew mcguffie would be at best an enigma...can look like a world beater for a minute...just forget about the other 89 or so
  10. Ok now I believe you boys are in real bother..stick or twist with Bartley?
  11. GIRUY ...ya greasy wee w**k...if I'm still allowed to say that
  12. I actually love this season's oneills home strip..it's imo even better than the Hummel because it's got steeples as arms & not just a serrated line...just sayin
  13. They have the same problem we used to have...it's ok blowing away diddies but can they do it when it matters....up until this wonderful season we never won a "big" game in years...accies have the same disease
  14. Now that us bairns have smashed it I can be magnanimous & hope our fellow stirlingshirers can pull themselves out of this..
  15. Didn't expect that horsing at what could legitimately be called a bogey ground for us...obvs pressure was off but even so we waltzed through them..I'm very very surprised
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