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  1. Just put a clause in the contract stating that if a loanee does not start x percent of available games, then a large fee is due.
  2. We didnt win any of our must win games last season... Btw, how did Boruc get on the day?
  3. We have an actual bench! I'm disappointed that Adams doesnt start in goal, but I understand the reasoning. Still, that can't be good for his morale. Also a little worried in case we've rushed ToB (and others) back, there's been A few times already this season when ToB has been rushed back patently before he was ready. Hopefully this time is different.
  4. I've actually really enjoyed the last couple weeks of there not being any games...
  5. I disagree, that is exactly what I like to see!
  6. Absolutely loving Imrie's celebrations!
  7. In fairness, doesn't pretty much every managerial stint ever end in tears? I don't think your workmate is quite at the level of Nostradamus there!
  8. If he was spat on, that's a real shame, and I'd hope that it was just an accidental bit of spit. It was a real shame the way it ended, but to be honest, if the reaction hadn't been as strong as it was, then he might still be here... Regarding the rest of his interview, usual nonsense. Hasn't changed my opinion either way. That's what you get with Dick, for better or for worse. I think we all learned to take every one of his interviews with many pinches of salt while he was with us. So the interview hasn't changed anything. I still wish him well at East Fife.
  9. I'm really pleased for him, it was a shame the way his time at Arbroath ended, and while it was the right time for him to go, I expect he will be excellent for East Fife!
  10. I get what 1320 is saying. I don't think any of us here started supporting Arbroath for the glory. Sure, its nice to be higher up in the leagues, but from my perspective, when I come up to the football, I'm just looking for a lovely day out, the team doing their best, and hopefully some entertainment! For me, getting relegated isn't the end of the world.
  11. Agree with this, he did a job for us at the end of last season, but it just didnt seem to quite click this season. I think we didn't see the best of him. He wasn't quite disciplined enough in central midfield, and he wasn't consistent enough to make one of the attacking spots his. I'm not sure there was a place for him in McIntyre's team, even if he had stayed. That said though, there's clearly a good player in there!
  12. I'm not saying our season is done, but the club are now selling beach towels...
  13. What's the point? We've moved on. We're just glad to have escaped without our usual 3 new injuries. Morton got the rub of the green and benefited from some poor refereeing decisions very much in their favour. The mood is low, and I think we all just want to move on and forget about this match. If anything, its a bit weird that Morton fans are so insistent on arguing about it and coming up with ever varying justifications for some comical refereeing calls, and then complaining that nobody is arguing...Why so defensive?
  14. Who said anything about Morton fans being out to get anyone? It was just an observation that the Morton fans of today seem to have some very different opinions to the same Morton fans of yesterday.
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