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  1. Tried buying a ST for the KM using the FSS option but I'm also looking to add two under 12's....couldn't for the life of me work it out on my phone so do I need to contact the club to sort out?
  2. Question for you, I've been taking my Grandson & his cousin (8 & 7) to the games this season, If I get a season ticket I understand I can get an under 12 for free but would I be allowed a 2nd at the same time? Don't mind if I have to pay a bit extra if that's the case, both of them have been buzzing following the team.
  3. The Port Seton Liam Henderson FSC (Me, Grandson & his wee cousin) ready to leave for Montrose in an hour or so....two wee laddies absolutely buzzing for it, hopefully their first ever pitch invasion.
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