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Bit of a long shot, but if anyone on here plays, or knows anyone that plays, ice or roller hockey, i am selling a complete kit. It includes nike shorts, black nike helmet, shoulder harness, leg guards, elbow pads, 2 right handed sticks, large kitbag, and a pair of bauer vapor size 8 rollerblades. Looking for around £50 for the lot.

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I'm selling my desktop as I dont need it anymore due to getting a laptop.


Pentium 4 3.2Ghz

1024 MB RAM

1x 250GB SATA Hard disk

1x 500GB SATA Hard disk

nVidia GeForce4 Graphics card

Also comes with a 4:3 17" flatscreen monitor, keyboard and laser mouse.

Oh and everything is in black apart from the monitor which is silver and black.

Looking for £200

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Guest strathbrock
Are the implications of going into administration a second time ? Just a 10 point penalty, or something else ?

Ooh, Airdrie and Clyde are getting excited. :whistle

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Are the implications of going into administration a second time ? Just a 10 point penalty, or something else ?

There are no statutory implications in SFL rules for entering administration however many times it is.

Rule 76.2 of the SFL Rulebook:

> The Management Committee shall also have full power to deal with as it thinks fit, including

> power to deduct championship points before or during a season and/or to impose a player

> registration embargo on any club guilty of conduct contrary to the interests of the League and

> its member clubs or any registered player or former registered player, or potentially likely to

> prejudice the orderly progress of the League Championship and/or the League Challenge Cup

> competition in any season. Such conduct, for the avoidance of doubt, may include a club in or

> going into Administration, Liquidation, Receivership, Sequestration or any other insolvency

> procedure by whatever means or having a Judicial Factor appointed to its undertaking.

which basically says, if you enter administration the League Management Committee will probably take some action but aren't bound to do so and nor is there any compulsory amount of points involved.

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Not as long as you keep posting links to your blog it isn't.

edit: "LiviNews makes no apology for reproducing this ‘must read’ article below." :lol: :lol: :lol: Who said citizen journalism was dead? Brilliant!

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I've said it for months, the guy's a clown. I just hope that Ged Nixon is prepared to stump up money to save the club.

Livi obviously can't operate as a football club without some sad b*****d wasting money on them.

Get Livi to f**k.

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Given the way the club is conducting its finances, the directors - is Massone a director? - are putting themselves at severe risk of some insolvency practitioner pursuing them personally on a wrongful trading rap. Basically, insolvency law says that if you don't run the company in a manner expected of a reasonably competent director, you can be held personally liable for all or part of the company's debts.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if wages are not getting paid, neither is the VAT and PAYE plus its obvious that the ordinary suppliers are not getting their money either. Her majesty's government will have no compunction about appointing a liquidator!

I hope for his sake, Mr Massone has good professional advice because he could find himself in serious sh1t which bailing out back to Italy will not protect him from. EU directives say that each members insolvency rules will be respected and he can be got at in Italy also.

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