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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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3 hours ago, stevoraith said:

Have a look at Singapore Airlines Houston to Manchester. I find it much better than going to Edinburgh via Amsterdam, Paris or Heathrow (KLM, AirFrance or BA). But then I’m travelling with young kids so direct flight are much preferable.
You can then get train direct from Manchester airport to Edinburgh.
Or if you’ll need a car when you’re here, hire one and drive up from the airport.

Looking at Dallas-Newark-Edinburgh…I like Manchester, relatives in Leeds too, but a longer drive/train for a weekend jaunt, and I expect train issues regardless on the weekends.

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6 hours ago, TxRover said:

I’m just noodling ideas for a ridiculously quick and inexpensive visit. Normal type vacation visit, sure, no problem…but if it’s a jet lagged rush, using points to travel and stay for free for a night or two makes more sense. The rail strike issue is the one complicator, but otherwise it’s a plan that takes little money, just a stupid amount of time and effort for very little in return…in short, a true fannish idea.

You should be easy to spot Tx 😜cowboy dancing GIF

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4 hours ago, Hank Scorpio said:

I see we can buy tickets for the Dundee game between the hours of 10am and 2pm, or call and have them posted out? Why do Dundee not have an online ticketing facility? At £24 (!!!!) a pop, I’d have thought they would. 

Technology probably not reached them yet, or they're cheapskates. 

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5 hours ago, MC_Lachlan said:

I raise you one Ross Perry 

Actually, forgot Jack Perry!

4 hours ago, Scottydog said:

Should have run this topic on Monday night, some of these names are truly the stuff of nightmares.

Dave Bowman?

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Hats off to Raith Supporters' Fund contributor David Greig!

David won the most recent quarterly draw, and instantly donated £500 of his winnings back to the Club.

David is currently one of 179 Rovers supporters who make a monthly contribution to the RSF - read more about the Fund and how you can become involved at:


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