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6 hours ago, BFTD said:

I don't get why people reach a certain age and figure it's OK to impose their miserable bullshit on other people.

You'll be dead soon. That's a shame, but trying to make everyone else unhappy too isn't going to change that.

By that same token, it seems they hit a certain age and begin watching “that” channel (Fox News, in the U.S.) that takes them from tut-tut types to full blown QAnon whackjobs.

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7 hours ago, Melanius Mullarkay said:

The annual new year poem from some distant relatives in NZ has arrived. This time it’s the indigenous Māori population that are in the firing line, as well as the fact that the country’s leader is a woke woman.  He’s even provided footnotes (completely unreferenced of course).

Happy New Year wokeflakes.

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(As this poem concerns New Zealand, I have added a few notes to explain

 the unbelievably “woke” behaviour of our Government - Frank)


The Voice


So now it is New Year, it could be my last

At eighty-eight years I am wearing out fast

I’m leaving this country; I’ve looked at the signs

Divided progressively down racial lines

Giving prime voice to a marginal faction

Letting it counter the much larger fraction (1)

Promoting minorities, making it clear 

Apartheid is gaining full traction down here  


I’ll go where news broadcasts in English abound

For English New Zealand has such a strange sound

Broadcasters whose diction is never the best

Have interspersed phrases no one would request

I hear them complain of a “hook in their ahnee “

And threaten sexual assault on a tahnee (2)

I have to remind them by hook or by crook

I’m just not impressed by their gobble-de-gook


The leader sure knows how we got in this fix

She claims some M.P’s are such arrogant p***ks (3)

And wasting resources to push carbon free

Ignores the disaster no carbon would be (4)

She pays cash in billions for Maori support (5)

To honour a treaty now only a rort

While granting those people a voice in command

Belittling democracy, splitting the land


I’m shattered by government’s not so smart acts

Unbalanced exam grades and cattle fart tax (6)

Proposing that Maori retire younger aged

And one into each council meeting engaged

Accusation at China never are hurled

In spite of a virus casually unfurled 

Growing their office by over ten acres

I think we need a new breed of lawmakers


Our modern electoral process unfurls

A Parliament ran by a gaggle of girls

A Tooth Fairy fielding a socialist tinge

Caused farmers to shudder and kiwis to cringe

While people who land titles never possessed (7)

Must compensate those who were not dispossessed 

So farewell my friends, I’ll indulge my desire

And pray I don’t step from the pan to the fire


Note 1. The NZ Government is fixated on the idea that Maori should be granted an equal voice in Government in spite of officially rating as only 16% of the population. This 16% is obviously much too high as pure-bred Maori are almost non-existent. (People with a miniscule part of Maori blood, class themselves as Maori probably because of the financial benefits available.)

Note 2. Maori have recently modified some pronunciations of their language.

  e.g. They have changed the sound of “Wh” (soft as in “Whip” to the harsh “Fi” (as in “Fish”) Thus the N.Z. city of Whakatane becomes - well awful!

Note 3. The Prime Minister, unaware that her microphone was still live, described a fellow parliamentarian as, ”An arrogant p***k.” She would know one!

 Note 4. No carbon, no vegetation. (Trees need carbon like people need oxygen!)

Note 5. Illegitimate claims?  There is evidence that New Zealand was occupied before the arrival of Maori. The last member of those people died in 1933.

Note 6. To gain university entrance, Lower qualification levels for Maori!

Note 7. Similar to America where people who have never owned slaves are expected to compensate people who have never been slaves!


You should reply with a William McGonnegal epic. 

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20 minutes ago, Mr. Alli said:

Just found Goodfellas on iPlayer. That'll see me through until MOTD. :)

Awesome film, although you'll surely not finish before MOTD begins (however you don't need to watch it 'live').

Always enjoyed Casino as a companion piece.

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18 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

Awesome film, although you'll surely not finish before MOTD begins (however you don't need to watch it 'live').

Always enjoyed Casino as a companion piece.

Casino is a pale imitation. Still good likes, but it's not a patch on Goodfellas. 

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2 hours ago, Melanius Mullarkay said:

Well it is….drum roll…..

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Bob Dylan obvs 



I thought it was a young Jimmy Macgregor, the Bob Dylan of Springburn


He's 92. Should have had him in my DeadPool squad. Bugger 


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