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The Falkirk FC Thread

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Ayr for me seemed to miss out the midfield in their attacking ventures, once we got used to that we improved. We improved much more when Wright went off tho.

Altho Donaldson quoted as saying it's a penalty, I don't think it was, it was a stramash for me 

Feckn over the moon and still laughing like a drain at the draw and Steven Thomson shite it face towards the brother(Stephen McGinn) with surely a hint of I speared a corner flag into your brothers leg, followed by his face of regret Rangers got Celtic in the semi at the end 😂😂

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14 minutes ago, mozam76 said:

Could not be happier for John McGlynn. A better man in football you’ll struggle to meet. That interview on the BBC is a gifmakers dream. 

That performance had all the hallmarks of a McGlynn team. Well organised, with the belief to play some really good football. 

Enjoy Hampden. 

I think that his decisions last season suggest otherwise. 


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1 minute ago, 18BAIRN76 said:

P.s. with the arse cheeks drawing each other, does that mean the winner of us vs ICT gets European football? Is that still a thing?

No. You will need to win the final

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Just now, Baggio said:

Brad McKay was absolutely outstanding tonight.


There I said it..

Genuinely never thought I would see the day where I was happy to have McKay as part of our central defence. But here we are. A complete, utter and total turnaround from the unmitigated disaster of last season. For me, our most reliable centre-half. Credit.

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Congratulations. Poor game in all honesty. Ayr look like a one man band with Akinyemi. Definitely suggests whoever finishes second in the league should go up through the playoffs.

Where does this leave your second last game of the season? Will it be brought forward? Would imagine the league wouldn't want you having to play midweek before the final day of the season in case there's any call offs.

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2 minutes ago, Bigbrbairn said:

After Akinyemi scored i felt our defence learned and stopped him mostly for the rest of the game

For me I think we stood off him too much all the game, think we learnt that Ayr didn't really have a midfield and it was a case of get the ball to the forward line asap and hope they are too much for the defence

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