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The Falkirk FC Thread

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17 Hours until the big announcement.


It takes 17 Hours to burn an image onto the screen of an iPhone.

It takes 17 hours to read the Terms & Conditions on Candy Crush

One day on Uranus is 17 hours long.

It takes 17 hours to fly non-stop from Edinburgh to Perth (Australia) 

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18 minutes ago, Bainsfordbairn said:

It's true. Let's leave it at that other than agreeing with Robocop that if anyone knows the details please let the club do the talking at the appropriate time.  

Sometimes other parties and involved and there are embargoes as to when news can be released. 

Thanks - appreciate the update mate.

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33 minutes ago, GeordieBairn said:

Any of you ITK boys rate this news on the excitement scale between 1-10? 

Where 1 is great and 10 is dire, or the other way about? I will go for a 5.

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8 minutes ago, Amarillo Bairn said:

Has Rob and Ryan seen the success of taking over a Welsh team, decided to give a Scottish team a go, can't wait to see us on Disney! 

Apple + for us.

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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, Reggie Perrin said:

Going to make Man Utd our feeder club.

They can f**k off it they try to pap MaGuire onto us, I’d rather have Brad McKay.

Edited by Harry Kinnear
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29 minutes ago, Roboccop said:

Be patient. All will be revealed tomorrow at 10am. There are embargoes on press releases that will be lifted then. It wouldn’t help the club if before then things were revealed. It’s less than half a day guys. 

Not when I went to school it wasn’t!

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4 minutes ago, RC55 FFC said:

It’s an 8 minimum if 10 is great news. 

That’s inflation for you.

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3 minutes ago, 18BAIRN76 said:


Maybe no-one outside of the Boardroom knows……

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3 hours ago, Zbairn said:

Just saw on FB that wee Luigi has left FFCTV. Alluded to a fall out.

Surely the club haven’t gone back to “dissing” volunteers as in the past? Hope it isn’t that, but he did comment he didn’t want to leave.

Anyone got the gen? 


Stuart leaving too I hear so all change with ftv next season.

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