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Horrific club photos

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Surely someone is in Blackpool, Benidorm, Banff or somewhere equally horrific for their summer hols. Let's get this going again.
Nah nothing going on in Blackpool. I've had a look. Just shitty boybands, plastic faces, sexual assault and saggy tits...

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26 minutes ago, Melanius Mullarkay said:

Look at the stars

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Look how they shine for you 

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and all the things you do 

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and they were all orange 

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Right lads, it’s Scotland vs the Mushroom Kingdom for the cup - Robbo; you’re picking up Wario. 

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This is a harrowing event personally. I only know one person in the last two photo posts. I'm getting auld :(

Nice note; glad to see this topic revived. Used to love seeing it every Tuesday get a bump.

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12 minutes ago, Melanius Mullarkay said:

She may be the face I can't forget 

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A trace of pleasure or regret 

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May be my treasure or

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the price I have to pay

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One of those guy's a Sontaran.

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