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Chelsea Are Lucky


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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson claims that Chelsea are enjoying an extended run of good luck in the chase for the Premiership title.

United reduced Chelsea's lead to nine points with a 2-0 win at neighbours Manchester City.

But Ferguson said: "Chelsea are still getting the breaks. I couldn't believe James Beattie's sending off in their game at Everton.

"It was a real kick in the teeth for us because Everton was a difficult game."

Ferguson added: "We keep saying that they are not playing well but they keep getting results.

"We're doing nothing wrong. We're showing championship form and all we can do is keep on winning and hope something happens. We're still hopeful they will slip up."

What a twat! If James Beattie didn't deserve to get sent off, I'm Hilary Clinton. Chelsea aren't playing well? f**k sake, I wish Elgin weren't playing well and playing like that!

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The Beattie red card was deserved. He bloody headbutted William Gallas and should be suspended for at least 5 games imo. I mean bloody hell even Moyes now admits it was deserved :- James Beattie Story at football365.com

Also talking about luck, what about all the 'lucky' decisions Manure have got over the years particularly at Old Trafford.

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