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Top 5 Players


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Guest Guinness_Alan

Hugh Sproat

Johnny Doyle

Malky Robertson

Joe Filippi

Andy Walker B)

I'll post on the top 5 worst some other time. It will take me ages to narrow it down to 5! :ph34r:

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Tony Rougier

Marvin Andrews

Nacho Novo

Ramon Periera

Didier Agathe

I'd have thought Alky Dalziel and Colin Cameron would've got a mention for Raith?

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They would've done had I been able to remember much about them.

I can hardly remember Tony Rougier, but I remember him scoring a header against The Pars when we got beat 2-1, and he really impressed me.

Sometimes I forget people's ages :lol:

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1. Colin Cameron

2. Gordon Dalziel

3. Tony Rougier

4. Scott "Skeletor" Thomson (just for saving McStay's penalty)

5. Jay Stein...eh what am I saying...Marvin Andrews

Kinda hard to pick, based on my memory. The Coca Cup winning team all deserve a shout, but they didn't follow on with much success.

Following on from that: Novo & Pereira's temperaments let them down, Agathe was lazy, Ryan Blackadder showed some skill (as did Jay Stein occasionally) but became pish, Craig Dargo scored a couple of beautiful goals against the Pars and we had a lot of players that were pish for us but became a lot better.


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Billy Ferries - he was a class winger

Tony Bullock- his saves without a doubt kept RCFC in the first division few years back

Steven Ferguson- Oh how i love fergie boi

Brian Irvine- sheer class

Karim Boukraa- could do anything he wanted with a football if he bothered this lazy french arse!

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