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Walking Down The Halbeath Road

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My avatar should tell you how happy this would make me. ST would be bought immediately!

So you're not certain whether you're going to get one?

Fucking armchair supporter. dry.gif

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35 years of age. Still 100000x better than all our defense combined...okay he might be knocking on, but the man is a legend. I think he could do a job in the first division.

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Was talking to someone who had watched Whittle in the bounce game we had a week or so ago and he said Whittle was a very good player, fast and agile, certainly I'm quite excited about seing this boy play.

He was also vercy complimentary to our two young centra backs, pleasing.

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I will never understand our fans still not rating Kirk. He has scored a lot of goals for us over the last four years and always works extremely hard. Since he is already under contract for next season, there is no sane reason for letting him go. Fair enough if someone offered money for him but at 33, that is unlikely in the extreme. He is more than good enough for the First Division and if he stays fit, I would expect 10-15 goals at least from him.

Agreed. He's one of our top scorers of all time. See the table below. A season in the first should see him move up that table.

Updated table showing the club's top goalscorers:

Charlie Dickson 215

*Bobby Skinner 120

Harry Melrose 106

Alex Smith 98

Alex Ferguson 90

Bert Paton 88

= George Peebles 85

= John Watson 85

Stevie Crawford 82

Gerry Mays 71

*Bob Syme 68

Andy Kirk 67

*Pre war

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Thought he was older than that. He is indeed a pars legend. That goal against Celtic in the cup final still makes me smile when I think about it. Half time at that final was amazing.

The (Black &) White Stripes, followed by "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right..." inspired stuff by whoever was choosing the music - never was that more appropriate!

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