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Football Manager 2005 - Technical Help

Guest maradona10

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Guest erseofthebank

This may be the wrong part of the forum but I couldnt find anywhere else to put it.

Who here plays FM2005 v5.0.5?

I need help to start a online game. No matter what I do it doesnt work. I set my preferences to 'run as server' but as soon as I start a game and it is about to load up to the choose name / club screen is stops responding.

I turned off ALL my firewalls and anti virus programmes but it still refuses to load.

I was using Sygate personal firewall, AVG anti virus and also Windows normal firewall.

They are all closed but still I cannot host a game.

Any suggestions? :rolleyes:

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Guest Geordie_Elvis

I had the same sort of problem a while back and I had to change my firewall to allow FM2005 access to the internet.

I was getting proper wound up with it then 1 day I right clicked my security centre and just fiddled about for a while and it worked!!

When you are clueless with PC's like myself this is a major achievement :D

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