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This season is so pointless for us now. We'll maybe win 5 or 6 games because our defense is excellent and we have some superb offensive weapons, but Saleh saying "this is Zach Wilson's team now" heavily suggests we aren't signing an available FA or trading for a decent number 2 QB. If we aren't trading for or signing someone I'd be happy for us to tank, but I don't see that happening.

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4 hours ago, Fuctifano said:


Not going to look at the videos but this is pretty fucking grim and surprised it's not a bigger story. 

Yeah, that's pretty grim like.

Will this lead to segregation? Or should there be segregation in the US?

Thoughts please @AmericanFan.

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Fights in the stands are an everyday occurrence at NFL games. Nobody cares much so it's barely ever reported. 

Every single game I've been to there have been people sitting around me who have been completely pished, so it just takes someone wearing a rival's jersey to make a few comments or be a bit too loud, and things will kick off. Knifings used to be commonplace in SD after Raiders games, but I think that's calmed down a lot in the last while.

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1 hour ago, Brummie Clyde said:

Looked into signing another OLine player, after Braxton Jones went to IR, but didn't get one.

So brought back Peterman. 


You just wonder if they were swayed by Fields comments about coaching before saying he needs to play better himself.

Sore one for the Cowboys if confirmed. 



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