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Independence - how would you vote?

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Independence - how would you vote  

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Ten o clock launch.

BBC doing a special show I believe (if you can stick wall to wall Curtice that is!)

The world will be watching and I cannot wait!

Oh god. Panel audience of Iain Grey, John Curtice, Alistair Carmichael, Unionist Brian, and to add balance, Ruth Davidson. All hosted by Glen Campbell?

I really don't get this white paper excitement, but then, I'm voting yes anyway.

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Bloody frozen! 30 out this morning, response was as expected which was most folk undecided.

Bitters were out, I saw 3. The guy standing next to where we were was aggressively hassling folk passing by, there's certain rules generally adhered to, by all means hand out leaflets as well, but don't stand on the oppositions shoulders. He was about 5 feet away, if this is a tactic away to be used by no, there's going to be a few bloody noses from each side before long.

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