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Top 10 animated movies


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Very obviously a Guardian list, IMHO. Here's some of mine...

Jungle Book - the best of Disney's traditional Animations. Beatle vultures and Satchmo Oran-utang - simply genius.

Shrek - just great for kids, and "adult" gags that don't get in the way. Not an easy trick, as evidenced by a couple of the sequels.

A Close Shave - the crossover moment between Aardman's freshness and their aiming for the mainstream and the diminishing returns in quality.

Finding Nemo - Grand adventure drawn in primary colours (literal and metaphorical) for the kids, and some great wee cameos (Bruce and his support group, the Aussie seagulls) for the rest of us to enjoy.

Chico and Rita - Absolutely beautiful Cuban romance, with the music and passion you'd expect.

Ponyo - not saying Spirited Away isn't class, but this is the one that my youngest and the grand-daughter prefer - with Howl's moving castle coming a close second.

Coraline - 'Cos it's a Gaiman story, and kids deserve to get weirded out too.

Toy Story Trilogy - One big story, really,(probably mirroring the growing up of many kids),and will still be a classic in 50 years.

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Yeah few bizzare entries tho very suprised they have anime in there, most "proper" polls like that seem to overlook it despite the fact some of it is head and shoulders above some of the tripe hollywood serve up

Agreed with Toy Story and Finding Nemo tho, i would also through in Lion King and Aladdin

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Aye, I think they've limited themselves by only having one pixar film on there. I would probably have 3 or 4 in mine, with WALL-E pushing for top spot.

A few of older shouts that I may be viewing through sentimental, rose tinted glasses, include Watership Down, Robin Hood and When The Wind Blows.

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Still a fan of Ninja Scroll as well. To be fair its probably easier just to do a top 10 anime list, someone to do a top 50 anime shows?... lol

1. Rurouni Kenshin

2. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny

3. Macross Frontier

4. The Big O

5. Gundam 00/ Awakening of the trailblazer

6. Code Geass

7. Last Exile

8. Zeta Gundam: A new translation

9. Ghost in the Shell SAC

10. Evangelion film series.

Honourable mention: Tenchi Muyo, Gungrave, death note, planetes,

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I thought that Akira had some amazing animation and developed some great ideas, but the plot ended up as a bit of an incoherent mess.

Still, thank f**k the reported live action remake of Akira with DiCaprio died on it's arse.

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