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Football clubs you despise


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Agree with most of those;

Real Madrid

Old Firm


Man United


I have to admit though, my hatred of the top four places is as nothing to my complete detestation of Newcastle United. I would though like to congratulate them because in 2015 they will celebrate 60 years without a domestic trophy. Big club my fucking arse.

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I honestly don't despise or hate any football club.

I'm the same. I despair at how the OF have had a big hand in fecking up Scottish football but that's about it. Much as I love the game, it's football that fecks it up, greedy agents, diving players, fans from all over the place who support big teams, that's what's wrong with football.

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:lol: .. Just you simmer doon.

Excuuuse me, mister. While everyone else has The Rangers on their list, yet you a Union Jack waving Dundee fan doesn't and instead have random clubs like Juventus and Elgin, I think it's only reasonable to bring your closet allegiances under scrutiny. P&B demands an explanation.

EDIT: FFS, Mark! :angry:

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