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Marymass Trophy


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If Victoria play like that every week, I don't see why they can't be favourites for promotion. Excellent game which could've went either way up until the last minute. Our defence was poor with two midfielders playing CB for some reason and the Vic's forward line took advantage of that.

Game finished 4-4 and as folk headed for the exit, the ref forgot about the penalty shootout to decide the marymass winner.

No sweat.

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Victoria done the fans and the club proud, absolutely great performance and they should've won. Goal disallowed for Bobby Colligan at 1-1 when he was behind the ball. But anyway, what a performance and unlucky.

Irvine Vics were the better side first half by far, second half Meadow came out strong but Vics found their way back into it to equalise near the end.

Come on the Victoria.

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