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Moral Conundrum

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Been watching Star Trek Voyager and there was an episode which got me thinking about Moral dilema and what I would do in a similar situaltion and what would actuallly be the the right decision if there is one.

In this episode, two crew members were beamed down to a planet. When they were beamed back the two individuals merged into one single person whome had his own identity, a single concience but the memories and traits of both men. He was perfectly healthy infact was stronger and more intelligent due to possessing both menns ablityies. When the ship doctor eventually found a cure and was able to seperate the men back. the man made freinds and formed a life for himself on the ship. When informed, he insisted he did not want to go through with procedure as he felt it would be killing him.

The captain was left with the decision as to weather to go through with procedure. The ship doctor refused to perorm the procedure as it breached his ethical sub routine.

What would you do in the captains sitation?

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