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East Kilbride v LTHV


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Excellent game of contrasting styles. EK continued with possession and passing , whilst LTHV play high tempo direct football , bringing in dangerous forwards by long diagonals and physical defenders at set pieces, both very effective. LTHV took desreved lead and EK equaslised by wonder strike by Gavin Lachlan( do go to EKFCTV for that alone) . EK missed some great chances and lost to well taken second goal. EK missed a few more chances then had Hastings sent off for second , soft, yellow card. Game petered out with LTHV blatant time wasting. To be fair to ref he did add on time and sad to say one if the LTHV boys dislocated knee right at end, stood on ball. Hope he has speedy return and we do it all again in Scottish on 13 September.

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