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A Miraculous Sighting


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I actually saw a No sticker on a car in Dundee - between the Pitkerro and Scott Fyffe roundabouts.

Not sure if it was local or someone just driving through by Kingsway East.

Driving fast i hope :lol:

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wonder if it was this guy



The reverdendum
* 'No' voter chases Salmond in car
*Cops warn lout..but no remorse
A CRAZED motorist chased Alex Salmond’s official car in a rage because he felt the First Minister snubbed him during a chance encounter.
No voter Murdo McDonald, 21, exchanged a brief greeting with the politician when they passed at a service station.
But he was miffed that Mr Salmond didn’t discuss next month’s referendum with him — and set off in pursuit when the Nats leader left with his driver.
McDonald followed them along a dual carriageway in his red Citroen C1 before overtaking twice — blasting his horn and holding up a hand-drawn No placard. Cops alerted to the security scare later visited McDonald’s home in Tannadice, Angus, before he was warned over his antics.
But last night the moron refused to admit any wrongdoing — and claimed he would “do it again”.
He said: “I just wanted to let him know that he wasn’t getting my vote. It was meant as a bit of fun.
“My friends told me I didn’t go far enough and I should have run him off the road.”
McDonald spotted Mr Salmond at a petrol station on the outskirts of Dundee in the early hours earlier this month. He hoped to debate the referendum with the First Minister but Mr Salmond left straight after getting something to eat.
McDonald said: “He was in front of me in the queue.
“Then after he’d been served he walked past me and said ‘hello’. That was it. If he’d been nicer or engaged with me, I might have kept my opinions to myself.”
When Mr Salmond was driven away in his black Lexus, McDonald quickly drew a No sign on an A4 piece of paper he had in his motor and followed.
After he overtook the first time, the Nats leader’s driver sped up and passed McDonald in an attempt to get away. But the heavy metal fan refused to give in and kept pace with the motor, before pulling out in front of it a second time.
McDonald said: “I wanted to be sure I got my point across.”
Five days later he was out when two uniformed cops visited his family home.
They contacted him on his mobile and he agreed to meet them at nearby Brechin police station that night. He said “I was nervous because I had no idea why they were looking for me.
“But when they mentioned the time and date of the incident I knew what it was all about. I confessed with a big smile.”
The First Minister’s name wasn’t mentioned but the officers said McDonald had been accused of dangerous driving at the time and place they’d met each other.
He wasn’t charged but was given an official warning.
McDonald said: “It obviously annoyed Salmond so I’d definitely do it again.
“If you give a bully a reaction they’ll keep doing it.
“Now I know he can get upset over something so petty I want to keep upsetting him.”
A spokesperson for Mr Salmond said: “The First Minister treats the matter as closed.” Road safety experts blasted McDonald and warned the incident could have ended in disaster.
Luke Bodset of the AA said: “This driver was very lucky to get away with a warning.
“In plenty of other instances the police would have thrown the book at him.
“Most people would see this as aggressive and dangerous driving. This could have ended in a serious accident. He’s fortunate no one was hurt.”
A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Officers made inquiry into an incident involving the First Minister whilst he was travelling in Dundee and appropriate action has been taken.”
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