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Ghostbusters II (1989)


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The 1989 film Ghostubsters 2, is being released here tomorrow for the first time on Blu-Ray.

Mastered in 4K it's coming as part of a 2 disc set with the original Ghostusters (1984) which is also mastered in 4K.

Both discs are 50GB. Unusually, this is being released here two weeks before it's available in America.



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Ghostbusters II looks great on Blu Ray, it's as if it were filmed yesterday and not almost 26 years ago. The 4K re-master looks fab and the DTS HD 5.1 MA is great as well.

Although not quite as good story wise as the original Ghostbusters, it does look better I think.

Filming commenced 28 Nov 1988. It was released in the States in June 1989 but not until Dec 1989 here (same as the 1984 original)

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