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Northern Exposure


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Just started watching this.

About a new graduate doctor from New York ends up taking his first job in Alaska, thinking it was in Anchorage, but ends up in a tiny village instead. Lots of cliches and certainly dated, with the meeting minds of small town folk and a big city fish, but it's pretty charming so far.

I slightly remember it from Channel 4 as a child (mostly the theme song and the Moose wandering in to town in the intro).

It's very enjoyable so far. Only seen 3 episodes and the main man, Dr Fleissman does seem pretty unlikeable at present.

Anyone else a fan, or watched this when it was originally on? I think it was first aired in 1990.

I'm going to plug on with it.

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I loved this show as a young man. When Fleishman left in the later series and the new doctor came in, I lost interest.

And as for you Maggie lovers out there, you're all forgetting Shelly.


I watched loads of Northern Exposure and bizarrely do not recognise her at all.....tbh though I don't recall much of what the show was about, it was 20 years ago.

I remember the peculiar Indian guy, the big bloke that wore the cowboy hat and the old guy that ran the diner who ended up in Scrubs and just about everything else.

Maggie and her mole though :wub:

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On 01/09/2022 at 10:41, MustangGuy said:


does anybody know where the DJ Chris Stevens phrase “K Sho” comes from please?

is it linked to K-BHR to radio station?




No clue, but cheers for bumping the thread. I loved this show when it was first on.

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