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Best and Weakset Europa Groups


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Don't base it on past glories or the assumption an Azerbaijan team isn't good cause they don't have much prestige as a nation, base it on this years showings and last few years in europe. For Me I will nominate group A and F as the equal strongest, Borusia Moncengladbach are like the German Hearts, or English Tottenham, If Scotland had 30 million people not five they would have 30-40k fans, for example. Villareal from spain obviously good team too in that group, Zurich are from Switzerland the past 7 years swiss teams have done very well across the board in Europe. Limasol are no weaker than any other 4 pot team so overall Group A good candidate.

F has Inter from Italy, Dnipro one of the top 3 Ukrainian clubs after Dynamo Kiev (who are no longer Ukraines Best club for a number of years now, behind Shaktar Donetsk), Quarabag an Azerjabain who any highlights I have seen of them look a more than decent outfit, pass and move, pace and skill, nice finishing, athletic and deft, St Etiene from France.

Weakest group is group B as Brugge are weaker than Salzburg and the other 3 teams would struggle to do any better than Celtic or Zagreb, in fact Helsinki who finished third we beat comfortably 1 year ago. Celtic's group must be second worst I am having to concede though their are quite a few about nearly as bad and the rest look stronger but either have 2 good teams at top and 2 bad teams or two decent teams for pot 3 and 4 but top tier teams that are no better than Celtic/Partizan Belgrade let alone as good as Salzburg.

My top 7 leagues in europe based on the last few years inc this:

1. German


3. England


5. Ukraine


7. France

In 8th to 11th in no particular order cause I canny decide: Switzerland, Holland Belgium, Russia.

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