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Christmas & New Year friendlies

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This year the EOS League takes its common 2-week break over the festive period. However, no doubt lots of clubs will then end-up arranging a variety of friendlies, to keep themselves sharp for the resumption in January.

Here are a couple I've noticed so far:


Saturday 27th December

Leith Athletic v Forest Hall YPC

Sunday 4th January

Leith Athletic v Musselburgh Athletic


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I presume he means the clubs, for playing friendlies. It would be interesting to see the correspondence between dropping everything for 2 or 3 weeks, versus maintaining some form of training and/or games, and success come the end of the season. I suspect there is a correlation.

Someone on the Lowland sub-forum says that Leith host Preston Athletic apparently at 7:30pm tomorrow, although I haven't seen that substantiated anywhere.

EDIT: Another one - Civil Service playing Whitburn at Spartans, Sunday 4th January.


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our last game was the 6th Dec. Game called off on the 13th and no ties scheduled by LEAFA for the 20th. I'd've preferred a game on the 20th (weather permitting) then maybe not such as need for the friendly on Sun.

Will be a good chance for our lads to blow the cobwebs off and test ourselves against Craigie EOS, even if half the team will still be under the influence!!!

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It's sometimes better to get a break from it, players can always play the odd game of fives or the gym to keep there sharpness, I understand if it was professional but not the EOS...

It's interesting to compare with other leagues though...

SPFL - play right through.

Highland - play right through.

Lowland - play right through.

South of Scotland - one week off (Saturday 27th).

West Juniors - play right through.

East Juniors - both weekends optional (13 games scheduled)

North Juniors - both weekends optional (5 games scheduled).

East of Scotland is the only league of the 8 not playing at all.

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That's true but the majority of those leagues are a higher standard and get paid more, Mayby if the players got paid more they would play during these times? But a lot of players go AWOL until the second week in Jamuary... Sometimes later!!

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