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Survivor Sign Up Thread

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I think it might literally be years now since we last had one of these games so no idea if there is an appetite for this or not - we will soon find out!

The Premise

For those who have never played, the basic concept is there is 4 teams (ideally 5 in each team) and every couple of nights there is a challenge. Sometimes the challenges are for individuals and sometimes they are team challenges. The three losing teams have to vote someone out - sometimes this is the weakest player, sometimes its done tactically. Once the teams start dwindling in numbers they become disabanded and when we have a final 5 people it's all for one until the end.

The challenges are all stuff that can be done from your computer or from your phone/tablet, although for certain speed related tasks, you may be at a disadvantage not using your preferred method of posting.

The Rules

Very few rules in terms of tactics, you are welcome to PM people in other teams, or within your own team if you are planning to oust someone in your team without them knowing. The only rule here is that you copy me into any PM you send outwith your own team one.

Participation is key here, and I'll use my own judgement to determine whether a non active person deserves to be booted or not. For challenges, times and dates will be posted in advance. Most challenges will be in the evening between 8pm - 10pm so if you can't do these times generally then maybe it isn't for you. Tne challenges themselves tend not to last the full 2 hours for each person. It's often the case that each person will have a half hr agreed time slot etc that their challenge will be.

Sign Up

Will see how we get on but looking for 20 players and hopefully we can get started with teams, captains etc next Sunday.

These games often have a lot of seethe, backstabbing and good banter. Not for the weak headed.

If you are interested then please state below :)


1. Itzdrk

2. Airdrie Onions

3. Lichtgilphead

4. Sloop John B

5. Sooky

6. Ludo1

7. oneteaminglasgow

8. Oddy

9. The Other Foot

10. johnnynivenEC

11. Top six next year

12. Wilkinson1998

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Also, if anyone is interested, here you can find all the old games - http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php/topic/147497-mafia-watering-hole/?hl=%2Bmafia+%2Bwatering+%2Bhole

Not been updated in a while though as the likes of my Apprentice Game has already been and gone. Is Forehead still around?

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Aww man a Tigerblood comeback is going to be excellent. Shame I can't afford the time to play due to my raging social life.*

*may it may not actually mean work

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