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UEFA Youth League 2015/16


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Was having a look through it, it's been expanded from 32 to 64 teams for next season, which should allow for two Scottish sides in it, but only Celtic's name appearing at the moment (it is of course wikipedia though).

I take it Aberdeen, as the youth league champions, would only qualify should Celtic make the champions league group stages meaning their youth sides enters the CL route, freeing up the domestic league spot?

Or, is it a mistake, and should it be Aberdeen have qualified in the domestic section, while Celtic need to wait and see if their first team makes the CL groups?

Or are both wrong, and do Scotland only have one spot?

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It's complicated.

Whatever 32 clubs reach the Champions League groupstage participate in the 'group' stream... where 8 group winners progress to the Last 16 and the 8 runners-up progress to the Playoff Round.

There is then a separate 'knockout' stream for the domestic youth league winners from the 32 highest-ranked countries. However if the domestic youth league winner has already qualified via CL as detailed above their slot goes to the next country down... These 32 teams play 2 knockout preliminaries, the 8 survivors going into the Playoff Round mentioned above.

SFA have chosen not to use the U20 League to decide our domestic youth league winner. Instead they have used the 'non-competitive' U17 league (it is supposed to concentrate on player development not results: and therefore results and tables are not published, AFAIA). This was apparently won by Celtic.

Therefore our only entrant will be Celtic, who are guaranteed one way or another. Aberdeen will not participate.

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Infact as you can see here... the 'domestic' slots of Portugal & Greece have already gone to George (33rd) & Kazakhstan (34th), with 8 more countries down to Macedonia (42nd) 7 more countries down to Lithuania (41st) [only maximum of 7 from 8 can reach CL groups] waiting on the outcome of who reaches CL groups.


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Just come across this thread. Surely the spfl using the u17s was a way of keeping celtic relevant. If I was Aberdeen I'd be raging.

Well done celtic on making the knockout stages though.

It wouldn't make sense to use the U20s league given that it allows 4/5 overage players per game. They didn't just decide to use the U17 league at the last minute - the former Hamilton Accies secretary tweeted about it around November last year, and presumably the clubs knew about it long before that.

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Celtic have been drawn against Valencia in the knockout stages of the Youth Champions League, the game will be a one off tie at the start of February and will be played in Scotland because Celtic get the home tie as they advanced through the domestic champions portion of the early rounds

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