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East Kilbride Thistle v Rutherglen Glencairn - POSTPONED


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Heard that one before. Its been 20 odd degrees in ek all day. sound like they were struggling for a team for tomorrow.

The pitch was sliced and opened up last week by the farmers after they found puddling of stagnating water just under the surface as a result of water not draining off the pitch quick enough causing some die back of the grass. They sliced it open as they have done in previous seasons to allow air in and to assist in the drainage. Unfortunately the pitch has not settled back down quick enough to allow the game to be played and is dangerous with areas of the pitch at different levels. A complete contrast to the condition 2 weeks ago when we played Clyde under 20's. Nothing to do with shortage of players as there is only 2 out of 20 players unavailable, one on holiday and the other immigrated to Rothesay.

Hope this satisfies the conspiracy theorists but I doubt it. Our apologies to Glencairn for this and believe me when I say that it does not sit well with anybody associated with East Kilbride.

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