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Poznan - things to do, pubs, restaurants etc

Hammer Jag

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I'm heading to Poznan next week. I arrive late on Tuesday night, fly home on Friday morning.

I was looking to go and see Lech's Europa League game on the Wednesday, but it's now behind closed doors. Still looking to find away around that though.

What attractions would you recommend? Where's best to go for a beer and something to eat at night?

Any general advice would be much appreciated.

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Do the Poznan.

I was trying to post something more witty along the lines of "when at any event turn your back to said event and wrap your arms arms around those nearby and jumpy up and down" earlier at work but got distracted

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Poznan has a decent main town square. Plenty of bars, pubs and clubs but it's no Krakow or Wroclaw. I've only visited there on business so eating and drinking are the only pastimes I've experienced. Enjoy it as the Polish are great folks.

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I loved it mate. No shortage of quality bars and restaurants. Can't comment on clubs. Not a huge amount to do though in terms of exploring. I saw groups on walking tours during the day, but I'm not sure there's much else to do.

Your money will go far which is always a bonus.

The football was an experience to say the least.



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Can't go wrong with Ministerstwo Śledzia i Wódki (Ministry of Herring and Vodka) chain of pubs in Poland. A step up in terms of quality from the dirt cheap pijalnia, as you generally get an actual fresh pint and a good range of vodkas too for a very good price. 

The one in Poznan is on the old town square and offers a pretty good 'Polska deska' - a board with with sausages, bread, mustard and all other pub snacks on it as well. 

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