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Injocktrination: The process of slowly eradicating Scottishnesss from the collective psyche and introducing a sense of Britishness

I was in Edinburgh on Sunday I watched the around 250 horses and riders take part in the Riding of the Marches which proceeded up the Royal Mile to the Mercat Cross, where a ceremonial handing over of the city’s colours took place. It was all very impressive, and if I understood it correctly from the commentary I heard, this dated back to the Battle of Flodden in the 1500’s and represents the good folk of the city ensuring that the boundaries were secure from English incursion. I noticed there was no Saltire flown among the colours displayed, yet a large union flag appeared front and centre, surrounded by a phalanx of what appeared to be English Redcoats who at one point shouted "Hurrah for King George!" This is probably the most historically confusing spectacle I have seen since a short Australian man played a tall Scottish warrior in Braveheart. On looking at footage of previous years events online I couldn’t fail to notice that the union flag was absent, and it is only in this post referendum year that it has made an appearance. Edinburgh is disappointingly the capital city that voted No to its own country’s independence, so it’s perhaps unsurprising to see these furtive attempts at ‘injocktrination’ in action.

Following on from the introduction of the union jack to the driving licence with its stated aim of "bringing the country together" and the plan to brand every UK government funded project with Union Jacks, like foreign aid packages, has anyone else noticed subliminal attempts to promote Britishness at work?

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