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lionel hutz

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On 11/04/2024 at 19:39, Arch Stanton said:

Plzen drew 0-0 with Fiorentina.

That should ensure Czech Republic go above Scotland in the coefficient table.

The funny bit about this is Plzen came close to making an arse of it way back in the 2nd qualifying round as they needed a 121st minute goal in ET to get past Drita from Kosovo.

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I'm sure this has been covered in here before but can't be bothered wading through pages to see if it has been. 

'Rangers' were very close to getting a back door into the CL league stages if they finish 2nd in the league.

It's all hypothetical and a lot of ifs buts and maybes but according to Berts page, if the Europa Lge title holder place in the Champions League is not required then it goes to the highest ranked team on the 5 year rankings that are in the CL qualifiers. 

This would require Leverkusen winning the EL or Atalanta or Roma if they finish Top 5 in Italy. 

Rangers are 25th in the 5 year rankings, the only club ahead of them that will be in the qualifiers are Benfica who will be the beneficiaries of this if the EL title holder spot is not required. 

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