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Quarter Finals

Mr Bairn

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Poland v Portugal (Thursday)

Belgium v Wales (Friday)

Germany v Italy (Saturday)

France v Iceland (Sunday)

All 8pm

I fancy Poland to finish off Portugal. Portugal had three draws in the group then got played off the park by Croatia only to get a very late ET winner. I'm gonna say 1-0 with Lewandowski finally getting on the scoresheet.

I can't see past Belgium ending Wales dream. The Belgians were poor in the opener but have really come good since. Bale will get on the scoresheet again but the Belgians get a late score to win 3-1.

Germany v Italy is the game that I expect to determine which side goes on to win the tournament. In the end the Italians should edge it purely because their defence doesn't even look like giving away goals at the moment. I think they'll win 1-0 thanks to a late goal by Graziano Pelle.

The last game is a really tough call for me because France have been totally unconvincing (two injury time winners, a 0-0 draw and had to come from behind in the last 16). I think Iceland are going to drag them all the way to penalties after a 1-1 draw but the French will hold their nerve and win the shootout.

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I reckon that Portugal will shitfest another 1-0, Belgium will put some manners on the Welsh, France will beat Iceland but only just, but I can't pick a winner out if Germany and Italy. If pushed I'm going to say Italy.

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Belgium 3 - 1 Wales

Another Bale goal but not enough to keep out the superior side

Germany 1 - 2 Italy

Italy to win after extra time after a tight and enthralling encounter

France 3 - 1 Iceland

Iceland won't have enough to keep France away for 90 minutes and it will be comfortable for France despite a late set piece consolation.

Portugal - Poland

Portugal to shite fest it through somehow, perhaps on penalties. Don't like either team.

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Poland 0 - 0 Portugal

Crap game and Portugal to sneak it on penalties


Wales 1 - 3 Belgium 

Looking stronger and better each game should be too much for Wales


Germany 2 - 3 Italy

Class will take it, they getting better and Germany not.


France 2 - 1 Iceland

94th minute dodgy winner,


Hope I wrong in the last one though,

Although if they go through would just get England stating they lost to a Semi-Finalist that have beat France.

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A repeat of the #scenes of the 2006 semi between Germany and Italy would be glorious. 2-0 Italy please.

Poland to finally beat an eye-meltingly tedious Portugal 1-0 AET

Belgium will probably pump Wales in a high scoring game, 4-2

France to edge Iceland 2-0.

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hopefully Belgium will but Bales back in their place!

And that place would be... Beaten quarter finalists? Sure they'll cope.

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I think there's something to the idea that the Belgium side are only picking up their understanding of how to play together as they progress in the tournament, as opposed to the effects that a mumbleclown like Wilmots can achieve in a short international break. Expecting them to give the Welsh a gubbing tbh. 

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Poland- For the good of football, Portugal are such a bad side. Plus the majority of people in the area I live in is Portuguese and they are more insufferable and unrealistic than the English at times


Belgium- I think they may go all the way to win it tbh, don't see Wales giving them much of a problem


Germany- Edge it in ET, but this game could go either way


France- Will overpower Iceland, I think Iceland are a great team but I feel they will bow out here against the first good team they've got to face in the tournament 

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