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Dunfermline v Dundee United Sat 10th Sept.

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United were pretty rubbish but we tried really hard to give them the 3 points so it's only right they got them.

Seems silly but our 3 penalty misses probably came from our best performers on the day. McMullan and Clark especially.

Johnston far too late to put subs on yet again. I suspect Higginbotham and cardle will be raging at not being given no/any real chance to run at a team down to 10 men and a load on yellow cards. Positively farid looked good when he came on.

Hutton should be taken out the back and shot, useless donkey. Weak shot he let squirm past him, then slow to his feet to be able to catch it. Fails to take authority at the 3rd and backs off hoping Ashcroft can deal with it from behind the play, terrible decision making, seeing him run 20 yards then bail out of making a challenge and turning back in the 1st half was bewildering. Absolutely fed up with him and he can't be allowed to play again.

McCabe hasn't reach that point yet but he's really struggling to justify his place in the squad never mind being a regular starter.

Not actually that far away from competing in this league, do the basics right and theres potentially a 6 goal swing in that game but if we continue to give up goals to our opponents and fail to take the chances we create then big problems are ahead.

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1 minute ago, Black and White Tragic said:

What was it that bell was up to at centre spot before kick off for second half - wasn't paying attention.

checking the ball was blow up and generally doing the refs job :rolleyes:

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Crazy match. 

First pen was a blatant push at the back post. No complaints. Second a daft trip on the attacker who was moving away from goal. No real complaints again. Third seemed harsh as the pars player blootered it straight at van der streijk and caught him in the coupon. Half the team booked complaining at that one. Pish decision.

Thought Willo was really good today.The two centre halfs played well despite giving penalties away but f**k me, Cammy Bell? What an absolute fucking hero. Incredible #scenes after the third save in particular. 

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First off congratulations to Dundee United and their large support. Thought both fans generated a good atmosphere and the game was pretty enthralling.

From a Pars point of view I feel a little bewildered! In terms of how we played and how we more than matched United there are lots of positives to take. But the fact remains we have lost 4 league games on the spin and once again gave away 2 slack goals. Next week against Morton is going to be huge if we want to prove we're not going to be in a playoff / relegation scrap.

Credit to United for being clinical in front of goal - the 3rd goal was a cracking finish. Not sure if they will be able to challenge Hibs for the title but have the quality to be there or there abouts at the end of the season.

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