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Dunfermline v Dundee United Sat 10th Sept.

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10 minutes ago, Stellaboz said:

I shared your pain for Dumbarton, Rovers and QOTS so far this season. Not enjoyable. Well Dumbarton was, until they showed us how to score penalties :angry:

AJ should make the squad study videos of Dumbarton. On a loop for 72 hours. 

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12 hours ago, Shandon Par said:

I enjoyed cutting the grass and washing the cars on Sunday morning more than I enjoyed the football. Been teetotal for 3 or 4 weeks now and there's little to match the horror of watching your team without the comforting fuzz of a few beers.

Couldn't even handle the thought of a pint afterwards. Useless shower of b*****ds.

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23 hours ago, smpar said:




All three should have been retaken for encroachment. CHEATS!!!!


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Wouldn't have scored them anyway.

I think the history books will show that the correct outcome for this game should have been a default 3-0 home win, on the basis of most of the United team being sent off. It was a moral, if not an actual three points for us on Saturday. 

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