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7th round Scottish


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Letham AFC v Oban Saints - Letham look to be one some run but Saints have the experience.
All the best to everyone still in the Scottish.

Letham were unlucky last year against Harestanes away from home
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6 of the above. Eastfield and Oban the changes I'd make.

Giffnock v Southside is off I believe.

Eastfield hot and cold, think it'll go to a replay.
Oban will be favourites but Letham are very dangerous score some amount of goals and concede little, home advantage as well.
Southside will edge it out against giffnock next week I reckon.
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broomhouse v hurlford thistle 

hard one to take beat 1-0 personally thought we wher better team and deserved something from it. Ref let a few poor calls go one being a stone wall pen for us but all best to hurlford good group of lads 

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Results in full...

Bannockburn 5 Tullibody 1
Broomhouse 0 Hurlford 1
Cambusnethan Talbot 1 Barca Milton  5
Colville Park 6 Thorn Athletic 1
Craigshill Thistle 1 Dunblane Thistle 1
Eastfield 2 Bowhill Rovers 2
Letham 1 Oban Saints 1
Giffnock vs Southside Postponed

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