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Football "Music"


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Only one you need is the Dundee FC song Up Wi The Bonnets. B-Side was something about the Terrors of Tannadump.



ETA: Think Hector Nicol with his Kelvin Country Dance Band also released a song about Hearts.


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6 hours ago, Cardinal Richelieu said:

f**k him. I'm posting this anyway :)


I keep suggesting that they should play this over the PA at Dumbarton games for the benefit of one particular fan, but they're not having it.

I'll add:

Although thanks to a f**k up in TOFFS when they had their Newcastle city shop several years ago, I own a Dukla Praha HOME top.


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My now ex-Czech girlfriend once presented me out of the blue with a Dukla Prague kit ... I believe it's the home one but it's the same one everyone else seems to wear! 

Sadly, no Scottish dates on the horizon. Although the last Edinburgh gig was mobbed, the ABC is probably a bit too big for them. 

Apologies to the OP! Maybe we should continue this in the HMHB thread!

p.s. you forgot this one :)


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I was once left in charge of the pre-match music at Bayview. National Shite Day by Half Man Half Biscuit featured.

Strangely, I was never asked to do it again...


Wasn't it Liam who kind of did the same thing once, when we played Cowdenbeath and the dulcet tones of Cher belting out " Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" came blaring over the speakers, timed to perfection with them running out the tunnel???


Don't think he got asked to do it again either!!!



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