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Monthly fees


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On 4/29/2017 at 20:45, The Bossman99 said:

Our club are a tenner a month, which is pretty reasonable.  I personally think £20 should be the absolute maximum.  Don't see why a club needs to take £35 per month?

airdrie ut d 2006 team, 2 x £19 1 hour training sessions on 3g  at local sports centre, £15 for pitch if at home on saturday, £12.50 a week for a ref equalls minimum spend in a week of £65.50.

we have 12 players paying £7 a week, leaving over very little to put into funds to replace balls, training aids, admin fees, league fees, tornaments,  replacement kit and so on  and on.

How u run on £10/£20 a month is commendable!

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We manage the lower fee by using 1/3 of a 3G pitch along with 2 other age groups from our club.
that is done across the age groups to reduce costs

Our club charges £2 a week for 90 min training and £1 match fee for home games.
Been like that for at least 5 years, trying not to price kids out of coming.

£1 per match. You must have a decent sponsor as its £40 for the ref alone ??
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5 hours ago, foreverarover said:



£1 per match. You must have a decent sponsor as its £40 for the ref alone ??



Currently at 2007’s 7 a side so no refs.

We build up a decent bank balance as we start from age 5, then when they get to 11’s the money is there for refs  etc.

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Think any club who keep it down to £20 a month or less is fantastic and most should take note or ask advice how they do it.

I recently tried to hire out Huntershill park, (new astro), for a league match and was told £110 for the two hours and when you add the referee, say £35 to £40 that means  say you have to find £140 just to play a match, never mind the training.  I know thats one of the dearer parks in East Dumbartonshire, right on the Glasgow boundary. 

Its such a shame and how can any kids, who comes from a deprived family afford to pay for their kids fees and this means some fantastic potential is never gonna get the chance or help they so need to excel.


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On 06/10/2021 at 18:30, Footballitalia said:

My boys team just said it’s going up to £35 a month for 2. 50 mins sessions and fees for Saturday and Sunday leagues but has now said the £35 is for coaching only and each team has to raise its own league fees etc 

What area is this in?

Most of if not all the teams i'm involved with pay £35 per month, this covers 2 1hr30min sessions a week and a game on Saturday. We pay the 'first-team' £400 pcm but due to other teams not being able to pay 'apparently' all fees to be paid into a club account rather than team account.

Personally I think this is so the first team can get their hands on it. Monthly fees for the club to play games and train are about £7500pcm you'd think they'd get a loan from somewhere and build a complex of their own?

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