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Brechin City v Stranraer

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Apparently little interest in this one on here - in spite of the fact that it's a crucial game for both teams.

Hoping it's my last away game of the season as I'll miss our trip to the Recs next week. But I still may be required for the play-offs!

Anyway, looking forward to the trip and hoping we're a whole lot better than we were against Albion Rovers a fortnight ago.

Will Glebe Park be playable?

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 Not a team between them ..Absolute sh*t.... Clueless punts upfield to Finn Graham and Jacko ...Against 6ft plus defenders

 Trouts trying too much instead of laying off easy ball .... Poor match officials missing loads for both teams...

Something big lacking

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Pitch was very dry,don't quite understand why and probably didn't help either team but we played the wrong game again. Mb can't play any other way.makes a hard watch

I'm sure the club would accept an offer from you to put in a sprinkler system.
Three weeks of dry windy weather and you don't know why the pitch is dry.
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I was referring to the club not getting a hose out.smart one

I've followed Brechin for many years. Known all the groundsmen since Jock Skene and one thing I've noticed is when it's dry and windy, it doesn't matter how much water goes on the park it's dry the day after.
At least you know the drains work then.
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