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The European football level St. Mirren FC 2024/25 thread

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I don’t see the Watt deal being a massive risk. Actually, on the back of the Ayunga injury, the timing at least couldn’t be better. If it transpires that Watt doesn’t bang tons of goals in, well, neither was Brophy. St Mirren cannot afford to buy a striker who is guaranteed to bang tons of goals in, and if we brought one up through our ranks - they’d be sold faster than you can say Dylan Reid. So, what is Robbo’ supposed to do in a January window, if not fix up a loan deal for someone who he wants and knows, and the player seems keen to once more link up with Robbo’.

Like every signing, welcome to St Mirren, good luck, and the lad should get our support*




*Average time for St Mirren fans to offer signings full support is approximately fifteen minutes. Then, you’re on your own son. 🙃

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Happy with the business St Mirren have done so far today. 

I am sure we have got some decent money in for Ethan and Reid who should be announced shortly. 

With Ayunga injury sounding longer term than a couple of weeks then the signing of Watt could be a masterstroke by Robinson.

I think Watt will do fairly well for us under Robinson due to their history plus Watt already knows a good number of 1st team players ie Dunne, Gallagher, O'Hara, Carson, Tait and Main through his time at Motherwell. 

The lad Thierry Small sounds a real prospect so will push Tanser for a start on the left.

Just hope Baccus doesn't leave in the next hour.

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29 minutes ago, Div said:

I think he plays best through the middle whereas for some reason Utd seemed to stick him out on the left. I never really understood that.

The 3-5-2 suits him perfectly. His natural tendency is towards the inside left channel. He'll have Tanser always overlapping him wide left. Main will be the highest forward, allowing Watt to drop off as he sees fit. Then the likes of Baccus, O'Hara or Kiltie bursting forward from centre mid who he can also combine with. Looks a very shrewd signing.

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Other than at the OF, Watt and Hoppe at Hibs are arguably the bigger signings - ok it's not finished yet, but a number of teams have not brought much in :-

Fakes, Killie, Livi, Utd - especially considering how many have gone out. (Hibs unloaded nearly a whole team).

so hoping our business is shrewd. Top 6 money is one thing, European money is on  a whole other level.



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34 minutes ago, Div said:

I've done the full 180 on Robbo.

I didn't like his fairly abrasive approach to the squad when he first came in, but I've grown to love the guy and the biggest compliment I could pay him is that I'd far rather have him running the team than either Jim Goodwin or Jack Ross and I absolutely loved both of them as manager.

In Robbo we trust!

Do you know if that's it done for this window Div.

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