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The St. Mirren FC 2023/24 thread

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36 minutes ago, elvis said:

Thats your opinion I stand by mine.

You cannot in good faith stand with a straight face and tell folk that Jordan Jones was worse at SMFC than Kevin Twaddle, Kyle Hutton, Cole Kpekwa, Callum Ball, Mo Camara, Eric Djemba-Djemba or Jeff King.

I understand it's your opinion but you can't honestly believe he was worse than any one of them, much less the whole stinking lot.

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Or the guy, Klaus Dietrich, who showed up one day and claimed to be a German U21 international who just happened to be in the area looking for a club and got thrown on at centre half against Caley Thistle, got hauled off at half time with us 4-0 down, was never seen or heard of again and was the tipping point for Tom Hendrie getting his jotters and SMFC paying up the last 3 years of a 5 year deal we could simply not afford.

You cannot say he was worse than that FFS.

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1 hour ago, djchapsticks said:

Even go a bit deeper into the early 2000s and garbage like Kevin Twaddle, Andy Dow, Scott McKenzie, Paul McHale, Christopher Wreh


1 minute ago, Dirty Sanchez said:

Andy Dow probably reading this wondering why he hasn't been mentioned yet.


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4 hours ago, billyg said:

Probably completely wrong , but this is the way I see it.

1. Reid had told the club he won't be signing a new deal.

2. The club know , at the end of the season , they will receive a development fee of not much more than £100k. 

3. The club have accepted the offer from Celtic , in the knowledge that he won't go there.

4. The club see this as a way of prompting other interested clubs to make their own bids , hopefully higher , with better add-ons ?

I don't think that you're too far off the mark.

Like it or not the information in the highlighted text is what, in the main,  is driving the bids that some of us are taking umbrage at.

Any interested club is aware of this. We could hold out, be left with an unhappy player and pick up the development fee in June. However, it's unlikely that we'd get any significant, if any, add on's.

The only way we're going to get a sizeable fee for Reid, is if any English premiership clubs or the likes of Benfica, decide that they must have him.

I think it's safe to say that last year's decision to send Reid to Queen's Park, which was a disaster, has also had a significant bearing on stalling Reid's development and reducing his value, in the eyes of any suitors. The potential may be there, but other than academy games and Scotland U-17 performances there's not much to judge him on. Simply put, there is no hard evidence that Reid can cut it at a higher level than he's currently performing at.

As much as I think the money shelled out for Aberdeen's Ramsey and latterly Hib's Doig is preposterous, at least they've played plenty of 1st X1 football.

Also, I see we're all taking the figures mentioned in the papers as gospel. Nowadays, most clubs don't ever disclose what transfer fees are involved and the media end up making up a value. Just a thought.


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6 minutes ago, NorthBank said:

Executive boxes coming soon between the West and South Stands. At £17k per 6 seats per season it goes someway to recoup some of the bigots cash.


16 seats, each box has up to 6 guests...something not right with that arithmetic.

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4 hours ago, smellthepaw said:

As sad as it sounds, I do believe this. Rangers wouldn't need to put up much more surely to match Celtics bid, unless it was the add-ons that were the stumbling block from their end.

The fact is that Rangers haven't (yet) come up with an acceptable offer and no-one bigger than the Old Firm is interested.

He's talked to Celtic today and now he's got a decision to make. Plenty of Rangers fans have played for Celtic, most notably Stein and Dalglish. Lewis Morgan was another. Maybe just didn't have an old man as active on social media as Dylan....

He could turn Celtic down and hope Rangers come back at a later date but that would be incredibly risky. Might get a bad injury, not impress for us / at a loan club or Rangers might just move on. Certainly Celtic wouldn't be on the phone again after doing their hard sell today.

On paper, it should be a no-brainer for the boy but who knows. For us, the board must have weighed it up financially and come to the conclusion that it would be better if he goes now. 

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OK, so my first reaction on seeing the photos of the new ‘corporate box’ was ‘FFS, it’s a shipping container with a dugout welded on top’. Then, my second reaction, was ‘so what if it does resemble that?’ It fills a corner, and it is an investment idea to be applauded. Hope it is a hit, and they stick another one in the corner between the main and South stands. 

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