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The Celtic All Seasons thread

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3 hours ago, Empty It said:

"Ignoring all facts and stats proving otherwise I think Celtic are as good as the top Dutch and Portuguese sides" 

The last truly great Celtic side was 69/70 and the top Dutch side that year utterly horsed them (as did the top Dutch side a year later). They were as good as the top Portuguese side that year tbf.  All three leagues have dipped in quality since then so it may be meaningless .

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7 minutes ago, The Other Foot said:

Dunno. From the mouth of Alan Brazil, so I wouldn’t write it off just yet.



Oh well, if Alan Brazil says we should sign him then bring him home.

Any news on Rod Stewarts thoughts on  potential signing targets? 

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5 minutes ago, Mr. Alli said:

Very strange if true. He gets nowhere near their match day squad - unless Azpilcueta is now only seen as a CB.

Doesn’t really have the pace these days.

Hopefully he sees the same and that 1st team football gives him the best chance of going to the World Cup

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2 hours ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

It’s in the Daily Record which so far this summer has made up bullshit about Juranovic to Atletico Madrid, O’Riley to Leicester and Morelos to Seville - I wouldn’t worry too much.

It wasn’t the Record i saw it or i’d normally disregard it. It seems to be coming from this guy 


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7 hours ago, Jinky67 said:

It wasn’t the Record i saw it or i’d normally disregard it. It seems to be coming from this guy 


Record reporting to mate - that’s where I spotted it. As soon as they report it you know it’s not happening.

On a positive note, at least this window they’ve given up on their tiresome ramblings of several English Premiership clubs ‘considering’ bids for Callum McGregor.


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11 hours ago, Jinky67 said:

Doesn’t really have the pace these days.

You don't need pace to be a right back. They have James, Azpi and then the likes of Ampadu and Chalobah who can cover. 

I'll be gobsmacked if there is even a shred of truth in it. 

The links to Man Utd could have something in them though - especially if they manage to move both Bailly and Wan Bissaka on as reported to be trying to.

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Celtic star Alexandro Bernabai has been arrested following an incident in Glasgow city centre.

The 21-year-old was taken into custody in the early hours of Monday morning.

Police refused to confirm details of the incident amid claims the left-back had been arrested for an alleged drink-driving offence.

It has also been alleged he was involved in a breach of the peace bust-up.

Bernabai - £3.75m summer signing - was taken to Stewart Street police station, sources claimed.

The arrest came just hours after Celtic beat Kilmarnock 5-0 at Rugby Park where he was an unused substitute.

The former Lanus player was released from custody on an undertaking to appear in court at a later date.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “A 21-year-old man was arrested in the early hours of this morning, Monday, August 15 in Glasgow City Centre.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

Celtic have been approached for a comment.

Apparently drunk driving, silly boy. 

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On 11/08/2022 at 07:34, BigDoddyKane said:

Cant see Juranovic moving, even if he was considering it just for the money. A good champions league performance with us and world cup and he will get far more money and a pick of teams to choose from

Heard this kind of talk from a few Celtic fans. Absolute fairy-story stuff.

Any genuine interest from Chelsea, Man United, or any clubs of that ilk and the boy is kicking down the manager's door for a move.

Not a chance he stays in an absolute backwater to risk injury playing six games probably getting an absolute pasting the the CL when he could be (as he'll see it)  playing regularly in the Premier League for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

The flip-side of the scenario you present (as he and his agent will be well aware) is that he and Celtic have a shite Champions League and then he has a poor World Cup, or maybe breaks his leg and misses it. Either of those scenarios he's still duffing about in the Scottish league this time next year instead of earning a far bigger salary at a far bigger club in a far bigger league.

The stay-till-January idea suits Celtic fine, but he'll not want to hang around if there's a real offer on the table.

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