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Hearts Rugby Club v The Famous Aberdeen


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Arnason played 90 minutes against Finland and I'm assuming will again on Tuesday against Ukraine.


If he plays no part against a physical hearts team when our current defence has been leaking goals then there is a problem somewhere.


It's the perfect game for him to start, ball as well.



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Looking forward to this big time, but wish it was at Tynecastle. A potential crowd of 30k+ is great, but will still only half fill Murrayfield.
Great time for a Falkirk living Dandy though, Firhill last weekend, this next weekend. 2 home games in a row for me, which is nice.
As for the game, another narrow win. Lafferty is an utter c**t of a human being, so expect him to score with WWE Superstar Stevie May and Maynard (finally) for us.

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1 hour ago, Raidernation said:

HMRFC 0- 23 AFC after a tight opening half Aberdeen stretch their lead after the break.

That gag was converted pretty early on.

1 hour ago, Karl Fletcher said:

5,700 tickets sold for us

What a Club Club

Very decent numbers.

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The Aberdeen Tories will be beating their wee maggots for years to come about this one. Well, until they realise that Murrayfield is an absolutely howling ground to watch football in, while only a third full.

Some of the shouts of 25-30k for this are laughable, Hearts fans included. There is no novelty factor whatsoever for us playing a few games here. At a push, there will be 22-23k.

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38 minutes ago, glasgow-sheep said:


Is this real?

That must be painted to the dimensions of Tynecastle.

You didn't really expect Hearts to make the pitch closer to Pittodrie dimensions did you?

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