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Second bottom Falkirk v Joint second top United 16/09/2017

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No thread yet?  OK here goes.

The starting XI that stu suggested for the Dumbarton game should be the starting XI for this game.

I know it's early in the season but if we don't do well in this game I can see the support both home and away beginning to dwindle.

PS I hope I don't regret the title thread.


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1 minute ago, Arnold Layne said:

Joint second top. Glass half full.

Is it f**k.  There's just over an inch left in it and the missus has taken the wine away.  I have advised her I might be having some more later.

And yes, I could easily have said fourth.  :(

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Falkirk are due a result so no doubt we will oblige and capitulate. Ive little faith in us just now especially away from home

We are not "due" anything. Until we conceded the equaliser at St Mirren we looked halfway decent but the arse completely fell out of both the team and the manager quite spectacularly and we appear to be getting worse by the week.
We are currently nothing short of a complete fucking shambles.
At the moment it is hard to comprehend a win over anyone.
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20 minutes ago, Ranaldo Bairn said:

Keatings, McDonald, Stanton, Murdoch, Narey and fucking Hamish McAlpine to score in a 6 goal romp for United.

Falkirk supporters look up from their phones to boo a wee bit before shuffling off home in silence. Again.

Murdoch? Now you're being silly.

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