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Bathgate v Camelon

pie n beans

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This game finished 0-0 but only because both the keepers had fantastic games, Bathgate could have been 2-3 up in the first 15 mins if not for the Camelon Keeper and continued this throughout the game.

Camelon were the better team in the second half and should have won but if not for the Bathgate Keeper with 4-5 amazing saves.

This continued into the pens with the keepers saving from both teams, you usually get one keeper having a brilliant game but to have both was great viewing.

Camelon made 7 changes to there starting 11 and it back fired by going out in pens, Bathgate were the better team for the first hr then Camelon started making changes and should have gone through with lots of pressure in the last 30 mins but overall Bathgate shaded it.

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