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The Chronicles of the Banter Years : The Big Vote

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Taking inspiration from @HibsFan 's excellent thread charting the journey of a newly established football club rising through the leagues, I have decided to embark on a project to shine a light on the individuals and occasions that have shaped this heart warming underdog tale.

Think of this poll as the mint sauce to the succulent lamb of the main chronicles. It will be running concomitant to the main thread.

Simply put, I'm asking the good posters of P&B to decide who has contributed most to the banter years.

I require posters to PM me their ...

Top 7 individuals who have contributed to the banter years.

Top 3 banter years matches.

There are no restrictions with regards to the voting, you may consider everyone, from the chairman of the board to the children's entertainer, the million pound midfielder to the seaside league journeyman. Every individual will get a write up, progressing in size as we edge closer to the winner, please feel free to comment on your choices.

Voting closes Xmas Eve. Results will begin to appear from Boxing Day onwards.



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