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Weather Watch 29-30 December


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5 minutes ago, Craig the Hunter said:

I was gonna head along to Alloa tonight, but as soon as I saw the snow I thought it would bite it

I was the same me and my mate had planned going along but not too be. Think i'm going to be struggling to find a game to go to tomorrow:(

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1 hour ago, HibeeJibee said:

Time for brushes, metal studs 'n yellow balls, IMO.

EDIT: 9am inspections for Whitehill-Spartans and Gala-Hawick.



Fitba daft needs to get his arse down to Ferguson Park with a shovel rather than scooting off to these Liverpool games:lol:

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Was in Annan this evening and would expect the game tomorrow to be on for edusport and easyt kilbride. Trying to persuade family to go as we are in the area for new years and it is free, I have never seen a lowland league game before.

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