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Things Old People do

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Just jumping on the bandwagon here. 

Here are the obvious ones:

  1. Vote no / leave
  2. Hark about things were better in the old days
  3. Eat corned beef as if it's some sort of delicacy
  4. Despair at the state of modern music
  5. Wash their net curtains on a weekly basis
  6. Die soon

Christ. I tick three of those boxes and I'm only 40. And my net curtains are spotless. 

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3 minutes ago, Bully Wee Villa said:

Like the Queen
Be racist (often accidentally)
Pull their trousers up too high
Listen to The Archers
Fail to understand why you don't "want all the local teams to do well".

Get your arse in here @The_Kincardine

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Block the aisles in supermarkets by leaving their trollies strewn diagonally across the aisles.

Block the aisles by chatting inane bollocks with their acquaintances for about an hour in the shop.

Stink of fags.

Be unwilling to be open to change.

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