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New kits; 2022/23 edition (23/24 kits trickling in)

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45 minutes ago, Ivo den Bieman said:

Charlton Athletic are one of many clubs to sign up with Castore who are growing fast. 32985048_charlton2223kits(1).jpg.71bfe50e89e101774939279ff10b1a5d.jpg


Gillingham (L2) stick with Macron and whilst not bad it's a bit meh.


MK Dons have dropped errea, also for Castore:



Charlton one is the wrong shade of red (looks more salmon) and is approx 40% sponsor. Awful.

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19 hours ago, Sherrif John Bunnell said:

Castore seemed to have upped their game after a couple of seasons of naff kits. Their Leverkusen kits this season are very smart.



I guess they couldn't really be arsed by the time it came to designing the third kit.


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I think we can all agree we have a winner.

I seem to be in the minority but these are quality. I fucking love Kappa.

A sin to post the kits without the lovely model wearing them.



I like the dishcloth style shirt as well.


And the tracky top is a belter as well.


God bless you, Kappa.
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2 hours ago, Day of the Lords said:

The second kit in short sleeves would be pretty cool. The top one is basically a fucking dishtowel. Terrible. 

Yet again they look like £300 t-shirts from a designer clothes shop.   To wit, utterly hideous.  

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  • DutchBorderer changed the title to New kits; 2022/23 edition (Venezia, Villa, ManU)

The checked Venezia top is the 'pre-match' shirt and the bottom one is the home shirt. I try to be a bit careful of confirmation bias with Venezia shirts given how well they market them and how good last year's effort was, but these ones are growing on me. Regardless, good to see long-sleeved shirts making a bit of a comeback. I thought baselayers had killed them off.

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  • DutchBorderer changed the title to New kits; 2022/23 edition (23/24 kits trickling in)

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