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New kits; 2022/23 edition (23/24 kits trickling in)

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28 minutes ago, morrison said:


Never mind all that nonsense. Here's Huntly's new kit. No messing with him.

I’m all in favour of hilariously amateurish photo issues by clubs.   That being said, I would not spill his cannoli.   He’s probably killed a linesman for giving a foul throw against his son. 

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On 08/06/2023 at 20:22, Forest_Fifer said:

Scrap that, Joma have said they can't do it now.

Over to Errea.



Errea stuff was pretty good when we had them as a kit supplier. Probably better off with them than Joma anyway........

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1 minute ago, Savage Henry said:

That looks like every Killie shirt since 2010.

Is there a reason they don’t they go back to blue and white hoops for a few seasons? That’s how I remember Killie between 77-87.
This was a golden decade for St Mirren so please adopt the hoops again Kilmarnock! 😂 


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10 hours ago, Silverton End said:

Boca Juniors (3rd), Dortmund, Fiorentina, Crystal Palace






Is the Dortmund strip inspired by Das Boot? Looks like there’s a U-boat on the front of it.

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